Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale
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We currently have 2 litters and are expecting a new litter of Mini Aussies at the
beginning of October!!!
Banjo x Ruby -- due October 3rd

This page was updated on 9/30/22
Below are a few of the past puppies that we have raised who have already been placed in loving homes. Some of these pups have gone on to the show ring and agility fields while others have made excellent family companions!
Emmy and Banjo produced a gorgeous all merle litter on September 20, 2022.  Pictures will be posted soon.  1 blue merle male, 1 red merle female, and 3 blue merle females!
This litter will be eligible for ASDR registration and are clear for a complete Pawprint Aussie panel (through parentage).  This litter should mature around 15 inches tall.
Lulu and Banjo produced a beautiful litter of all girls on September 23, 2022.  Pictures will be posted soon.  1 red tri, 1 black tri, and 2 red merles.
This litter will be eligible for ASDR registration and should mature around 15 inches tall.  They are all genetically merle meaning that even the two tri females carry a merle gene in this litter.  This litter is clear for a complete Aussie panel, except they may be a carrier for CEA.  This is a recessive gene, so no puppies will be affected even if they do carry 1 copy of the gene.
Blue merle male with a full white face - $800
Blue merle female.  This is a dark blue girl with a full white collar. - $1000
Red merle female with perfect markings. - $1000
Unique blue merle female with a half white face. - $1000
Another perfectly marked merle female in blue! - $1000
Red merle female - $1000
Black tri female - $800
Red merle female - $1000
Red tri female - $800