K & K Livestock
More pictures of us!!!
Kade and Jumper
Kade riding Big Stretch Fletch.  
riding lessons with Daddy
Kevin and Big Stretch Fletch competing with friends at a ranch rodeo in May 2010.
Jaylee on Big Stretch Fletch and Kade on Tex
Helping bring in the wild ones
Cool Dude!
Always been a quarter horse family, but this big paint has won us all over!
Docovegas Bonnie
Docovegas Bonnie is a solid mount for our entire family.  Whether it's babysitting Kolt (left), helping Kade win money at a Little Britches rodeo (above), or working around the house to help catch stray heifers (below)...this mare gives 110% for whatever she's asked to do!
We sure hope that Kolt likes to ride as much as Kade as he gets older!
Rich Anns Blu Dust
Participating in a benefit trail ride with good friends!
Pictures (above and below) taken by Carrie Barnhart.
Kade helping drive the wagon.
Candy King Hancock in the roping pen.
1/27/13 - Kade has been trying out a new speed event horse.  I think we have finally found a match.
Kade and Rayne running for home (left) and weaving through the poles (below)!
Little Britches Rodeo - March 9 & 10, 2013
Kade had a great weekend.  Beat all of his personal best times!
Is it crazy to haul so many horses around for 1 little boy?

Clockwise, he is on Moe, Bonnie, and Rayne.
Getting in a good practice run.
Our little pony trainer hard at work (summer 2013)
Kade at Mid-South Little Britches Rodeo in Louisville 3/29/14.
He assisted with the grand entry ceremony on Bonnie and had some great runs with Rayne!
MSLBRA June 2014 rodeo and year-end awards!
Kolt got a new pony, and he has been hard at work, practicing his roping skills with Dundee!
Central Arkansas Little Britches Rodeo in November 2014